How the Cellar Bowl came to be

How the Cellar Bowl came to be

Oh, my gosh, friends! In just one hour, over 600 people liked our blog announcement on facebook and four people shared the link to it. Obviously, that doesn’t mean all those people read it (honestly not sure quite how to check that yet) but I have faith that eventually, all those people – and more – will 🙂

So that’s great news, plus I’m particularly excited about this entry since it has to do with a staff-inspired menu item: the Cellar Bowl!

If you’ve been in The Cellar since our winter menu launched in early December, you may have noticed the Cellar Bowl listed at the bottom of the entree list. Options include Sweet Potato Kale Hash, Almond Quinoa, Salt Roasted Beets, Shredded Pork Butt, Smoked Chicken, Brussel Sprouts, Organic Vegetable, Smoked Tofu, Mashed Potato, Bacon, Naan, and Slow Roasted Pork Belly. Various sauces are available like our Panang Curry, Sriracha Aoili, and Tamara Garlic Butter. The concept is so simple: choose your fave options, pick a sauce, and we put it all in a bowl for you. It’s how staff members have been ordering off the menu for ages. Michael and Tyler finally just thought, why not offer it to everyone?

“You know, size options on menu items began when we started offering half and full portions,” Michael said. “That option – plus the Cellar Bowl – is just a great way to try different things. It also makes the menu a little more approachable for people who would prefer a more straight-forward meal.”

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the options? Staff members have some suggestions!

“Probably… Quinoa, Brussels, Tofu, and Naan with Balsamic Vinaigrette.” – Meara

“Brussels, Quinoa, and some MEAT.” – Tish

“Quinoa, some vegetables, probably some Pork Butt. And I’m really in to the Curry right now.” – Michael

“I like the Quinoa, Kale Hash, Smoked Tofu, Naan, and Curry.” – Ellen

*Forty-eight hours after originally being posted, 7 people had shared the link on facebook and almost 1400 people had viewed it!*


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