Sarah here. You may recall that last month, I wrote a blog post about a favorite new menu item that was inspired by staff: the Cellar Bowl. Well, we’re still all in on that delicious option and we hear all the time from guests how much they love it too. But we want to really SEE how much our guests enjoy this option, and maybe with their (and your!) help it will become an even more popular choice at The Cellar!

So here’s the deal: the next time you come in and order the Cellar Bowl, don’t just take a pic of it to show your friends later, go ahead and post that pic, and tag us on instagram (@thecellarwinebar) with #GramYourCellarBowl. Describe what you love most about it, or what your favorite combo is, or how fantastic you find the Panang Curry to be.
No worries if you don’t have instagram: use the #GramYourCellarBowl tag on our facebook page as well! 

*The above Cellar Bowl includes: mash, brussel sprouts, smoked chicken, and the tamari garlic butter on the side.*


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