You Should Probably Make a Reservation ASAP

You Should Probably Make a Reservation ASAP

Presenting a thoughtfully curated list about why The Cellar is fabulous. Because who doesn’t love a good list?


  1. Awesome Bar(tenders): We’re not joking when we say our bartenders are a big draw here. Not only do they spend hours coming up with new drink ideas – and clever drink names – they’re Jeremy and Kyle! They are the bartending dream team. Ask Kyle to do his Donald Duck impression the next time you come in.

    The Golden Mule

  2. Knowledgeable Servers: Vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free? Our servers can answer all of your questions about the menu and the dishes we offer! You’ve got questions, and our servers have the answers.
  3. Creative Dishes: Sure, it’s called “Chicken & Waffles” but it’s definitely NOT your standard chicken-and-waffle plate! And that’s how it works at The Cellar. Michael, Tyler, and the rest of the kitchen team are really interested in bringing together unique flavors that most people wouldn’t think of on their own. That idea permeates the menu from the vegan cheeses we make in-house to the popular Lamp Lollipops to the Pineapple Upside Down Cake that is currently on the menu.

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake

  4. Local/Seasonal Products: Grapefruit are in season right now. So you know what? We have grapefruit sorbet available right now. Seasonal produce means better tasting and healthier food.
  5. Comfortable Seating: “Last year, we renovated the front [of the restaurant] to create more space for our guests,” said Ellen. If you recall, we used to have a second bar that was seldom used, so we took it out and added that gigantic booth because it fits the space, it looks great, and it’s versatile! Have you sat there yet? It’s super comfy!
  6. Ability to Accommodate: Dairy sensitivity? No problem. Tree nut allergy? Totally fine. Bee-gan? Sounds great. Whatever your diet is, we can accommodate it!
  7. Ready & Willing: There is a “notes” section when you make a reservation, and we definitely read it. If you’re celebrating a special anniversary or want to come in to surprise a co-worker who got a promotion, we can help you out!
  8. Great Music: No one loves to thumbs-down a song on Pandora as much as we do.
  9. Featured Options: I will probably post this photo a dozen times because it is colorful and beautiful and just look at that plating! This featured appetizer includes Oregon morel mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, shallots, black garlic, in-house made ricotta, lemon, parsley, and EVOO. If Michael can get in some great seasonal produce for featured apps and entrees, you can bet we’ll cook it up as a special.

    Featured Appetizer (served with in-house made crostini)

  10. Atmosphere: When you mix 1 – 9 in to one big bowl (haha), you get the atmosphere that we’re going for at The Cellar. Fun, contemporary, welcoming, and creative!

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