Monthly Archives: March 2019

If you’ve been in the restaurant since our renovations last month, you might have noticed a big change near the bar: our swanky new wine room!

Presenting: the wine room!

The wine room is temperature-controlled and has limited access. It stores our entire wine collection, and we decided to make this renovation for a few reasons.

“It’s to keep the wines safe from potential accidents – and to keep everything managed easily in one place – but it’s also to help us maintain their quality,” Ellen said. “As our wine investment has grown, we’ve known we would need to upgrade our storage as well.”

Ellen looking for one of her favorites.

“Maintaining the annual Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator is one of our ongoing goals,” added Ellen. “We now offer 60 wines by the glass and over 250 by the bottle. The wine room makes it a lot easier for us to manage the list.”

“It’s organized by price point within each region, starting with the most popular region we purchase from, which is the United States. By and large, we focus on finding unique, California wines that aren’t as popular around here,” Ellen said. “We do offer select Finger Lakes wines as well, obviously, but they’re much easier to find around here, and we’d rather carry something different.”

Though access to the wine room is *ahem* limited, if you ask nicely (and it’s not too busy) you might be able to get a quick tour from Ellen or Michael!