Well, hey there. Thanks for clicking over to the brand new blog for The Cellar Restaurant in Corning, New York! My name is Sarah and as Social Media Manager/Hostess/Food Runner for The Cellar, I’ll be your guide in to the wonderful world of Cellar blogging.

When Ellen – co-owner of The Cellar along with her husband Michael – first asked me to help out with building up the social media side of The Cellar, I knew that once the instagram was up and running (which it is: I’d want to focus more on what makes The Cellar so amazing: the owners, the awesome staff (ahem, myself included), the local farmers our chefs work with, the Corning community itself, etc. Yes, as an employee I am biased, but even before I worked here, I was fascinated by all the elements that go in to running a successful restaurant. I had dreams of starting a local version of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table” (totally worth bingeing btw), but trying to schedule interviews with small-business owners who are also chefs… Oh, my gosh, it’s nearly impossible. Because being a chef isn’t rolling in to the kitchen an hour before dinner service and making sure you have enough tomatoes to get through the evening. At The Cellar in particular, it’s being at the restaurant at 9am to meet with local farmers who are dropping off fresh ginger, pumpkins, or mint. It’s contacting customers who want to hold wedding rehearsal dinners or baby showers or 50th birthday parties in the restaurant. It’s filing payroll, making sure there’s enough cash to get through the weekend, taking liquor inventory, paying bills, meeting with wine reps, changing light bulbs, interviewing potential new employees, and perusing reviews left on Yelp ( A restaurant is a business, sure, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a service, it’s a product, and it’s a family.

So that’s why The Cellar now has a blog. To feature the incredible day-to-day operations that enable customers to have memorable experiences over some delicious meals. This blog will have interviews with Cellar staff, take in-depth looks at some of our customers’ favorite dishes (and drinks!), answer the questions staff get asked the most, and so much more!