You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been closed for a week or so. In the past few years, our annual February break has included some heavy renovations. Not so much this year: some painting, some floor refinishing, and new tile in the dish room. More than anything, the February break means the Cellar family – and their respective families – get some time away from the restaurant.

And the choice to be closed during the Corning-Painted Post School District February break is intentional. A lot of our team members have school-aged children, so being closed during break week means more quality time with the Cellar kiddos!

“You know, us being closed for a week means we can get a break from being here, and practice some self-care,” Michael (aka Chef Lanahan) said. “Self-care is important, especially in a business like ours where we all put in so many long days.” I followed Michael past the office to the dish room, where he heads to the walk-in cooler. “I can’t wait to see my daughter every day for a week!”

So what did staff members do this past week?

– visited family out of town

– went to the movies


– made multiple Target runs

– scavenged for food (just me actually – Sarah)


See you Tuesday, February 27th!